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This is the tree that jump-started an industry. Pioneer Gold is the root stock of choice for pistachio growers throughout California. And it has been since it was released commercially in 1981. Pioneer Gold trees are heartier, more uniform and resistant to diseases that plague other varieties. Today, more than 80% of all pistachio growers in California choose Pioneer Gold for their rootstock.


Continuous research is of top priority
at Pioneer Nursery

Pioneer Nursery has been the leader in pistachio research and development since the late 1960s. It was a commitment to quality which led founders Ken Puryear and Corky Anderson to create Pioneer Gold from seeds gathered from around the world. This hybrid tree, with its resistance to Verticillium wilt, revolutionized the California pistachio industry and is now the main rootstock planted in the United States.

Our commitment to research and development continues today as new hybrids are tested for disease, pest resistance and increased production. For this reason, Pioneer Nursery has many acres in California dedicated to the experimentation of new varieties.

Quality Control

"We maintain vigorous screening at every phase of the growing process."

From seed to rootstock, Pioneer Nursery's strict adherence to quality has made the Pioneer Gold tree the "gold standard" of the industry. We maintain vigorous screening at every phase of the growing process. We use only specially-treated soil manufactured at our nursery for planting. Seeds are germinated in incubators under the watchful eye of our foreman, then placed in rag dolls, and eventually planted in small soil packs. Young plants are nurtured, watered and cared for in our hot house. Any less-than-perfect seeds, plants and even young trees are "weeded" out.

These quality measures are all performed so that when growers arrive at our Delano facility to pick up their trees, they're assured the healthiest and highest quality root stock available in the industry.

And the support doesn't end there. Growers who plant Pioneer Gold receive ongoing technical support from our staff as needed. We provide consultation to new growers throughout the season. Our goal is to ensure that all of our growers are completely satisfied, and enjoy productive orchards of Pioneer Gold pistachio trees.


Pistachio Seedlings

Pistachios born from Pioneer Gold trees are the mainstay of the California pistachio industry. Orchards are visibly uniform and require very little maintenance compared to other tree crops. If you examine the trunks and tops of our trees, you'll see that both are uniform and completely compatible with one another. Plus, as a customer of Pioneer Nursery, you can rely on technical support from experts who know the tendencies of growing pistachio trees.


Jeff Yurosek
President, Yurosek Farms

From my first planting in 1981 to my last planting in 1998, I have planted nothing but the PG1 rootstock from Pioneer Nursery. Pioneer Nursery has always provided me with healthy seedlings that turn out to be uniform stands of trees and have had phenominol yields with both my young and older orchards.

Pioneer Nursery has also provided me with excellent technical support, answering questions I have and visiting my ranch to check up on things. I plan on more plantings in the future and will be staying with the PG1 rootstock from Pioneer Nursery.